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22 Heart-racing Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

22 Heart-racing Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

22 Heart-racing Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

If you just kissed a guy and are wondering if he was playing or serious, check for signs the kiss meant something to him!

Right now, your mind is a total mush with all the emotions hazing your rationality. And, of course, this sweet feeling with the bitterness of anxiety won’t leave until you get answers.

So, instead of running around in circles, go ahead and check for these signs!

Signs The Kiss Meant Something to Him – 22 Signs

If he kissed you but didn’t yet say a word about dating yet, it can be pretty overwhelming. Especially if you don’t believe in kissing randomly in the spur of the moment, you might even feel guilty and distressed.

But don’t jump to conclusions so fast! He might be a bit slow and showing his love for you through actions. So, read on to know whether that’s the case here!

1. He took his time to savor the kiss

If a man kisses you slowly, it definitely means something serious. It shows that he wants to prolong it as much as he can. He wants you to enjoy it as much as him. He’s not just doing it to get lucky and will not rush it.  

2. He used his hands

Remember if he played with your hair or touched your face while kissing you. When a man is interested in you, he will always use his hands while kissing you. He might grab your waist or lock fingers with you. He won’t be able to keep his hands to himself while kissing you. 

On the other hand, if the kiss does not mean anything to him, he will not make an effort to touch you. 

3. There was no alcohol involved

Alcohol can cause impulsive decisions like kissing someone you don’t like. But if he wasn’t intoxicated, it was no accident. He was thinking clearly when he kissed you and did it out of desire. So, it definitely meant something to him.

4. He gazed into your eyes before kissing you

Eye contact is another intimate sign that screams he’s into you! So, if a man locks your eyes before kissing you, it means it was not purely out of lust. It meant so much more to him. 

5. Both of you became quiet after the kiss

One of the signs that the kiss means something real to him is the silence that follows. While women feel overwhelmed after a kiss, men don’t normally fall short of words. 

So, if he was silent after the kiss, he was at a loss for words because of his feelings for you, and the kiss was special.  The silence shows that he is serious, and that was not a game for him.

6. He has turned more caring after the kiss

Notice if his behavior towards you changed after the kiss or if is he acting the same,

Well, if the kiss meant something to him, he’ll become more caring. He will want to make sure that you are happy and safe. He might become more attentive when you are talking, or he might start checking up on you regularly. 

7. Nobody was around when you kissed

Recollect whether you were alone or there were people around. After all, guys do “daring acts” to boost their image or impress friends. 

However, if he makes sure you are alone when you kiss, well, no shit Sherlock, it was a huge deal to him! He wasn’t just doing it to satisfy his male ego. 

8. He did not tell his friends that you kissed

Women can’t wait to share their life highlights with their best friends. But, unlike women, men don’t share their intimate moments with their friends. 

A man would never talk about a kiss if his feelings were involved. He would not brag about it like it was some sort of conquest. It’s not that men don’t talk about these things, but they only do when it is casual. 

So, if he does not talk to his friends about that kiss, you’re pretty special to him. 

9. He talks about the kiss afterward to you

A guy would not be afraid to talk about a kiss afterward if he has feelings for you. He might ask you if you enjoyed it, tell you that he liked it, or tell you why he kissed you. 

Otherwise, he would ignore you like that moment never happened.  

10. Things become a bit awkward between you two

Try to remember how he behaved the first time you saw each other after the kiss. 

Was he nonchalant, as if nothing had happened? Or was he nervous and fidgety? 

If he is awkward, then chances are that the kiss meant a lot to him. He can’t forget the moment or hide his feelings. It shows that the kiss did not just happen for the sake of happening, and it was a lot more than an accident. 

11. His heart was pounding too hard during the kiss

You can know about this sign only if you were pressed against him. So, if his heart was beating rapidly, he felt a lot of things during the kiss. 

Hearts beat faster during such intimate moments only when the person is head over heels for the other person and feels nervous. 

12. He was smiling after the kiss

Now, zoom in on his reaction after the kiss. If he was smiling at you afterward, he was really excited about the kiss. 

Probably, he was waiting for this moment for a long time, and it has finally come. It shows that he was genuinely happy because he is totally smitten with you. 

But if he acted aloof, that’s a red flag!

13. He asked you on a date

If a guy asks you out on a date right after kissing you, why do you even have any questions?

The date is his way of indirectly telling you that he has feelings for you! 

If he only wanted something sexual out of it, he wouldn’t even have cared to catch up later. 

But it is obvious that he wants something much more. You never know, the two of you might get into a relationship in the future. 

14. He contacts you more often after that

If he contacts you more often after the kiss, he wants to be more than just friends. If he calls, texts, and wants to hang out with you a lot, a one-time kiss wasn’t enough for him, girl. He wants a lifetime’s worth of kisses!

He definitely does not want you out of his life. You are more than just another name on his contact list. 

15. He keeps stalking you on social media

Notice if he often comments the first on your social media post or keeps up with all of your updates. Then he’ll know more things about you than you have told him.

If that’s the case, he’s definitely falling hard for you, and it was more than just a kiss for him. Now, he wishes to find out everything about you, but he is shy. So, he stalks you online to test the waters for his next move! 

16. He has started talking about his feelings

Men rarely show vulnerability since they believe that their emotions make them weak. They don’t talk about their feelings with anyone unless they are close to them. 

So, if he has started talking about his feelings after the kiss, you’re a lot more to him than you think. He’s probably so overwhelmed by his emotions that he needs to talk them out. 

17. He did not rush you

Another sign that the kiss meant something to him is that he did not rush you. This guy might be dying to touch you, but if he took his time to make sure you are comfortable, he cares about you. 

He wants you to understand that he is not after your body. He won’t pressure you into doing anything you do not want to do. Rather, he shows that he is willing to wait for an eternity if he has to. 

18. He wants to introduce you to his friends

If a guy only wanted something casual from you, he’ll never entertain the thought of introducing you to his friends. 

But if it was more than just a kiss, he’ll introduce you to his inner circle. 

After all, he wants to know what his friends think about you. He wants to make sure he’s chosen the right person. 

19. He tells you that it meant something to him

Okay, things can’t be any simpler than this!

If he outright tells you that the kiss meant something to him, there’s no place to overthink or refuse his claims. 

People are usually shy after they have kissed someone. But if he shows the courage to admit his feelings, he can’t miss his chance to be with you. By this time, realize that he is not fooling around. 

20. Your gut feeling says so

When your gut instinct tells you something, it often turns out to be right. So, if your intuition tells you he is into you, chances are that it did. 

But if it says that it meant nothing, then it’s better to move on. Listen to what your gut tells you before jumping to any conclusions.  

21. His body language says so

A person’s body language often speaks volumes. So, during and after the kiss, if he moves closer, it can tell you a lot about his feelings toward you. 

Or, if he held you for a long time after the kiss, it wasn’t a superficial kiss. He wants much more from you than just a kiss. He might not be in love with you yet, but he definitely has a lot of affection for you. 

22. He was nervous before the kiss

Men often get nervous about their romantic interests. So, if he was acting a bit jittery before the kiss, it means that he was anxious about how you might react afterward. 

He might also be nervous about how the kiss might go. Whatever the reason behind this nervousness, the kiss definitely meant something to him. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you see most of these signs, the man in question has definitely got some feelings for you. He might lust after you, but he also wants more. The ball is in your court now, so decide what you want next. 

But if not many signs matched, but your instincts say something’s up, approach him directly. Get your answers and think about whether you want to make a move. 

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