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How To Deal With Uncertainty In A Relationship? 15 Easy Tips To Overcome This Anxiety

How To Deal With Uncertainty In A Relationship? 15 Easy Tips To Overcome This Anxiety

Updated on Jan 15, 2024

How To Deal With Uncertainty In A Relationship 15 Easy Tips To Overcome This Anxiety

Is the question “How to deal with uncertainty in a relationship?” haunting you, too? 

Well, uncertainty can pose many doubts and make you unsure about the longevity of your relationship. 

And you need extra push to work through the relationship in times of uncertainty. You must also ensure that you do not make hasty decisions. 

So, if you feel a bit lost on how to deal with uncertainty, let’s keep rolling…

How To Deal With Uncertainty In A Relationship? 15 Tips 

Uncertainty appears in your relationship due to several factors – the true reason is unique for every person. However, uncertainty is common in almost every relationship. Of course, that doesn’t imply you should let the anxious feelings sit and simmer in your heart. 

So, here are a few tips to help your situation!

1. Reflect On Your Feelings

When you’re uncertain about your relationship, there are racing thoughts in your mind. This is the time when you need to reflect on your feelings. 

Perhaps something happened that has nothing to do with your relationship. It made you feel angry, depressed, or left out. This incident led you to feel uncertain about your relationship. 

Alternatively, there is much love, but you feel an unexplained gap in a few instances. You need to evaluate why these feelings are coming and what is the root cause of the same. It might be due to fundamental differences between you both.

2. Don’t Criticize Your Partner

In uncertain situations, it is human nature to criticize and blame other people around. Make sure you avoid this under all circumstances. 

Constant criticism of your partner will make them negative towards you. It will not solve the uncertainty in the relationship. Understand that they might also be feeling the same things and do not know how to make peace with that.

3. Be Involved With Your Partner

As the relationship grows, partners may become more distant from each other. They do not keep the excitement up anymore. This is one of the major reasons you need to show some involvement with your partner. 

For instance, go out together or do simple things like taking hobby classes or cooking together. It’ll make you both feel wanted and help you deal with the uncertainty.

4. Understand Your Partner’s Love Language

Sometimes, you might feel uncertain in a relationship because both of you have completely different love languages. This is when the struggles start to showcase. 

Try to understand your partner’s love language and communicate with them based on that. If cuddling makes them feel loved, do that. Identify your love language and ensure they also show love through it. 

5. Involve In Self Care Activities

In long-term relationships, people start to depend on their partners for everything. This may make you overwhelmed emotionally.

It leads to you feeling uncertain in the relationship. In this case, you must detach and be involved in simple self-care activities. 

For example, journal your thoughts or take yourself out for a simple haircut. Self-care activities develop a positive mentality.

6. Don’t Let High Expectations Get In The Way

In many relationships, uncertainty arises because people often forget that their partner is also a human being. They have some feelings and expectations of their own. 

If you always have very high expectations from your partner, then the inability to meet those will automatically make you feel uncertain. The “perfect partner” idea is the major reason many relationships fail. 

So, start acknowledging your partner and accept them for who they are. The uncertainty in the relationship can be dealt with eventually.

7. Don’t Depend On The Relationship For Happiness

Often, people assume that their sole source of happiness is their romantic partner. So, when their partner can’t bring them that kind of happiness, they feel devastated. They question their love and feel uncertain. 

If this is your case, know that you need to seek happiness and peace everywhere. Your partner isn’t responsible for it alone. It can be from friendship, family bonds, hobbies, careers, and so on!

8. Address Your Fears

Every individual has their baggage, and sometimes it gets too overwhelming. If you feel uncertain, it may be because of the fear of rejection from past baggage. 

For instance, your partner is friendly and compassionate toward everyone. However, this makes you feel insecure. You are too scared they’ll reject you for being this way. 

In this case, you only need to talk to your partner and address your fears.

9. Turn To Support

If nothing works out, you can always contact someone for professional health support. 

Relationship counselors will ensure that you can talk to your partner, find out the major faults in the relationship, and work on them. 

In many instances, they may also come with a fresh perspective. This can help you to understand and deal with the uncertainty better.

10. Understand If Your Feelings Are The Red Flag

Often, people think the problem is with their partners, and they must change. However, there is a good possibility that it’s the other way around. 

Your feelings might be a red flag, and you must address it as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, your relationship might be turning toxic, and this uncertainty is an alarming sign. In such instances, the best thing to do is acknowledge what you feel and then end things. 

11. Take Some Time

Time is the best healer, and it can work wonders. So, give yourself, as well as your partner, some time to ponder on why you feel uncertain in the relationship and what can be done to deal with it more effectively. 

The more you take time, the more you will be able to reflect on what went wrong and how to fix it. There is no other better way than this.

Ensure that you do not always try to control every minute thing or make things follow a plan within a specific time limit. Let things unfold naturally with time. You don’t have to make everything certain and known. 

12. Encourage Honesty

Honesty is the foundation for any relationship. Even if you are feeling uncertain, it is best to deal with it with honesty. Encourage your partner to discuss this situation honestly, and you will understand where you both stand. 

Partners often want to hide their actual feelings because they don’t want to hurt each other. If you both constantly maintain a dual character, it might pose serious uncertainty and become difficult to handle. 

Make your partner understand that it is okay if you have a different perspective towards everything.

13. Tell Your Partner Where You Stand

Often, uncertainty in a relationship is caused because you both do not know where you stand and are too hassled to discuss it openly. 

Now, the best thing to do is talk to your partner about where you are standing and encourage the same from your partner. 

This will give you both a very good idea about how different or the same situation is and how to deal with it.

14. Share Relatable Media Instead of Scrolling

Thoughts like loneliness and lack of oneness with the partner can cause uncertainty in a relationship. The nature of today’s relationship is that partners are always hooked to the phone. 

An ideal way to deal with this is by sharing relatable memes or quotes with your partner. This will make them feel like you have been thinking about them. It works wonders on the relationship. 

You will be able to strike a bond, and the uncertainty will slowly start to disappear. Social media can cause many problems. But when used properly, you can connect with your partner and feel more loved.

15. Trust Is Important 

And finally, the best way to deal with uncertainty in a relationship is by building trust and confidence in your partner and the relationship. 

Both of you need to understand that this uncertainty is a fleeting thought. By working on it, you can work on the relationship and improve. 

Instill feelings of confidence in the relationship, and it will have a positive impact.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

While following these tips, remember, don’t be ashamed of feeling uncertain. Rather, it is important that you come clean about it and express it with conviction to your partner. 

Only then can you both work on the relationship and make the issues disappear. Don’t depend on one-sided effort, as that won’t solve this problem. With some effort and lots of love, you’ll definitely overcome the issue!