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How To Be More Sexier For Your Boyfriend? – 15 Stunning Ways To Be Drop-Dead Attractive To Him

How To Be More Sexier For Your Boyfriend? – 15 Stunning Ways To Be Drop-Dead Attractive To Him

Updated on Oct 18, 2023

How To Be More Sexier For Your Boyfriend - 15 Stunning Ways To Be Drop-Dead Attractive To Him

Women often want to know “how to be more sexier for your boyfriend.” It’s either to bring back the spark in the relationship or just to spice up things. 

Whichever your case might be, remember that this needs serious commitment toward yourself. Being sexier isn’t just about donning Victoria’s Secret lingerie. 

It goes far beyond it, so let’s take a look here…

How To Be More Sexier For Your Boyfriend? – 15 Ways

As relationships progress, things normally turn into a routine. Your man doesn’t want to touch you every now and then, like the beginning of your relationship. 

But if you want to relive those mischievous moments, know that men can’t resist sexiness. And you must use that knowledge to make your man hungry for you. 

So make that happen with just a few ways here…

1. Smell and taste good 

You can surprise your boyfriend and make him weak in the knees with how you smell and taste.

Use a body lotion with a “delicious” scent, like chocolate, vanilla, or citrus. It’s even better if the lotion has a sweet flavor. Make sure you apply it generously so that he can get a hint!

2. Keep your lips glossy

If you are expecting your boyfriend to kiss you on the lips, you must as well make it worth it. Rough lips can be a big turnoff. So, always keep your lips glossy and exfoliated to make them appear kissable.

3. Go hairless down there – or do something surprising

Keep yourself clean down there to draw your man’s attention. Besides, you can also go for something different and change the shape of your pubic hair. The point is to go beyond your routine.

4. Try the magic of red

Red never fails to spread its magic. Men always love their women in red. Hence, either wear a sexy red dress to your next date or red lingerie when you are home together. You can also paint your nails red.

5. Flaunt your curves

Body curves always turn on men. The same can work for your boyfriend. 

Show off your assets with figure-hugging dresses that highlight your curves. Keep some buttons undone to flaunt your cleavage and get him hooked.

6. Wear a seductive smile

A seductive smile can capture his heart and turn his world upside down. 

Wear that wild, mischievous smile that makes you look hungry. It will signal your boyfriend to come running towards you.

7. Let your eyes do the talking

Did you know eyes are a powerful weapon for seduction? 

Talk with your eyes to melt your boyfriend instantly at any moment. Learn to use your eyes to give him sexy and yearning stares.

8. Flirt with every chance you get

Flirtations usually die as the relationship progresses. It can also be a major reason behind the monotony in your relationship. 

Hence, to keep the spark alive and seem sexy, flirt with your boyfriend whenever you can.

9. Drop a little hint of PDA 

If your man is comfortable with public displays of affection, indulge in it. Caress his forearms and thighs or lean on his shoulders to turn him on slightly.

A cute peck on the cheek or lips is a good start if he feels shy.

10. Carry your sexiness to bed

Even when the day is over, the show is not over. So, skip the comfortable lounge or nightwear. Stay sexy with satin or lace lingerie for bed.

Your man won’t be able to keep his hands off you!

11. Use makeup like a charm

Makeup can either make or break your looks. It depends on how you wear it. So, instead of putting on multiple layers of makeup, make it effective with less. 

You don’t want your man to eat the foundation on your face. So, learn how to wear a thin layer of sexy makeup.

12. Stay healthy to enhance your looks

When you choose your health, you choose happiness. Moreover, healthy choices improve your looks and make you appear sexier. So, to get back in good shape, you should eat healthy and exercise regularly.

13. Keep up good hygienic practices

If you want your boyfriend all over you, keep yourself clean. Follow good hygienic practices for your body, hair, and clothes. A clean and radiant body will always make you appear sexier before your boyfriend.

14. Be smart

Being beautiful and attractive is not enough to attract your man. You should also showcase your intelligence. You can do this by indulging in smart talks with your boyfriend so he knows you are a beauty with brains.

15. Be confident

If you are not secure and assured about yourself, you will appear dull. So, you should always be confident before your boyfriend. Be mysterious and have faith in yourself to stay on his mind all the time.

16. Make him awestruck at the door

When your boyfriend comes tired from the office, there is no better way than to surprise him at the door. It will be a treat for him after a long day. 

So, create a path with flower petals. Flaunt yourself in sexy lingerie while opening the door to him, and he will instantly grab you in his arms.

17. Do not hesitate to make the first move

Men usually make the first move. But you blow your man’s mind by initiating things first. A great way to turn him on is to not hesitate to gear up things first.

18. Treat him with a lap dance

Many men fantasize about getting a lap dance from their women. Your boyfriend will be stunned by this ultimate surprise.

So, why not realize his fantasy and give fuel to his desires? 

19. Leave sexy notes

Love notes are cute, but have you tried writing sexy notes to your boyfriend? 

If not, it is time to grab a notepad and write how sexy he is or what you want from him tonight. It will leave him thinking about you all day long.

20. Always try something new in your sex life

When your relationship becomes monotonous, try something new. Whether it is about your daily routine or your sex life. 

Spice up the way you have sex with new sexual positions, sex games, and much more.

21. Get out of your comfort zone

When you do things out of your comfort zone just for your man, it will appear sexy to him. It will show him that you are willing to cross your limits for him, making him desire you even more.

22. Make showers count

Joining your man in the shower is another sexy surprise. You can also add some wildness to your daily showers by acting dirtier. Make sure to show how much you desire him with your actions.

23. Blindfold him

It is another way to make things sexier between you and your boyfriend. If you have a surprise for him, blindfold him first. After this, every move you make will be sexier for your boyfriend.

24. Grab him from behind

Catch your boyfriend off guard from behind to turn him on. Grab him from behind and add your sexy moves to fuel things further. 

25. Arrange a great view for him

Men love sexy views. So, you should fulfill this desire by welcoming him with a great view of your body. For instance, appear in the least clothes before him or begin undressing. It will make him lose his patience and jump on you.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, don’t blame your man if he doesn’t notice your hints or praise you for your efforts. It’s normal not to notice your effort right away. 

So, be consistent and wait patiently for his reaction. Once he notices, you’ll definitely reignite the flame of passion. 

Until then, prepare your heart for his relentless love for you!