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30 Signs Someone is Hiding their Feelings for You & Won’t Say it Out Loud

30 Signs Someone is Hiding their Feelings for You & Won’t Say it Out Loud

Updated on Aug 24, 2023

30 Signs Someone is Hiding their Feelings for You & Won’t Say it Out Loud

If you wish to know some of the signs that someone is hiding their feelings for you, then this think piece is the perfect guide!

Yes, it can be a little difficult to identify these cues, especially if the other person is behaving in a shy manner, but with a bit of help, you can read their minds right away!

So, are you ready to find out the most common signs that someone has a crush on you? Let’s start reading, then!

30 Absolute Signs Someone is Hiding their Feelings for You

There are some people who don’t blink an eye to talk about their feelings, but there are also people who just fail to gather the courage to do it.

And if you think you have someone in your life from the latter group, it’s time you must read these signs listed below.

1. They smile a lot around you

While some people are naturally very cheery and smile around everyone, others don’t.

Therefore, if you notice that the person in question seems to be serious almost all the time but keeps smiling or shying away whenever you are around them, it’s a clear sign that they are definitely into you!

You are one of their favorite people, and your presence makes them happy, which makes them smile wide. However, they are reluctant to convey their feelings for you, so they keep smiling and blushing instead of confessing.

2. They make efforts to make you laugh

They crack jokes or speak in a way that makes you smile. And if they keep joking about something funny that happened to you, then it’s all the more clear that they are hiding their real feelings!

All this is just for one thing – to make you like them! 😉

3. They behave awkwardly around you

If you want to tell whether someone is hiding their feelings from you, closely observe their body language.

Most people often find it tough to stay calm when their crush approaches them. So, if you see that this person is relaxed with others but jumpy or awkward only in front of you, it can be a big giveaway about what’s in their heart.

4. They find excuses to touch you

No, this does not indicate inappropriate or creepy physical contact!

Observe whether this person finds a ton of excuses to get close to you and touch you in a physically affectionate way.

Some of these actions might include brushing a stray hair from your clothes, playfully hitting you, or scuffing up your hair.

Bonus Tip: Some of the flirtiest areas of the body are the arms, shoulders, and face, so be more vigilant about them!

5. They pay close attention to what you say or do

Has it ever happened that you’re telling a boring story to a group of friends, and none of them seems to be interested except that one person?

Well, if this person is always eager to know more about you or what you have to say, it surely means that they have feelings for you that they won’t declare openly.

Remember to observe when and where they are paying attention. Many times, it might just be in the form of a phone call to know if you’re safe or bringing your favorite food after you’ve had a long day.

6. They remember little things about you

People who are often too shy to confess their feelings do so in an indirect manner by remembering small things that mean a lot to you. Even though you might not find these actions particularly romantic, this is an introvert’s love language.

For example, they might remember your favorite song and hum it in front of you. Or they might remember a tiny detail that you had told them a long while back and remind you when you’re feeling low.

All these small actions are their way to tell you they have big feelings for you!

7. They seem to be jealous when you are with others

Yes, jealousy isn’t a particularly admirable trait to have, but we’re all humans, after all!

And if someone seems to hate the fact that you’re spending a lot of time with someone of the opposite gender, it might be because they have feelings for you!

Some of the common signs that this person will exhibit will be to make sarcastic replies about the person you’re hanging out with or to completely ignore you.

8. They want to show their best self to you

Some might call it showing off, but in reality, the person who hides their true feelings from you only wants you to see their best, most refined version. Since they are unable to verbally tell you how they feel about you, they do it through actions.

Therefore, if they dress up well or make an effort to look cute for you, it is a cue for you to pick!

9. They avoid any topics about relationships

Imagine a situation where someone has a huge crush on you but isn’t able to tell you that yet. And in a casual conversation, you ask them about their passion or how they feel toward relationships in general.

If the other person suddenly tenses up or blushes hard, it is a big sign that they definitely have feelings for you but prefer to keep quiet. They have already thought of scenarios where they are dating you, or at least you have reciprocated their feelings.

So, a sudden mention of relationships can easily cause them to feel embarrassed.

10. They give you flirty compliments

This, of course, is a no-brainer. When someone keeps giving you compliments to the point where you always feel warm and fuzzy inside, it’s a sure-shot way of knowing that this person has been hiding their feelings from you for a long time.

Moreover, if they can’t look you in the eye or they keep gushing about how great you look every day, that’s again a waving green flag.

11. They always support you

Sure, close friends and family will always be there to support you, but when you see that someone who isn’t that close to you goes above and beyond to make your day, it points toward a more-than-friends kind of situation.

Here again, this individual isn’t able to tell you their hidden feelings, which is why they show it through thoughtful actions and gestures.

12. They keep messaging you on social media

And this isn’t just about receiving messages!

You might have faced a situation where someone keeps tagging you on cute dog videos or keeps messaging you in your inbox while shying away from you when you’re face-to-face.

Well, this is a clear sign that they aren’t confident about how to approach you in real life, so they want to break the ice through social media contact first!

13. They want to know more about you

Sure, curiosity is great, but even your closest buddies will give up trying to know every single detail of your life after a while. But someone who is hiding their feelings from you won’t give up that easily.

They want to know more about you as a person and what makes you happy or sad. They do this so that they can take actions that impress you. This person will hide their love for you behind their curiosity.

14. They maintain eye contact

You might think that someone who has a crush on you won’t maintain eye contact due to fear of embarrassment. But studies have shown that those who have a deep understanding and love for you will hold your gaze.

Even if they don’t talk a lot, they will look at you softly when you’re talking about something. In many situations, they might even be lost in your eyes and forget the entire world around them!

15. They focus on you even within a group

No matter what others say or do, this particular individual will always gravitate toward you and what you do. Even if you go away for a few minutes, they’ll manage to find you and strike up a conversation.

And if they don’t start talking to you, they’ll surely be around you somewhere, waiting for you to notice them from the corner of your eye!

16. They mention your name in conversations

If you’ve recently learned that this particular person keeps talking about you and bringing up your name in almost every conversation, it’s a big sign that they have feelings for you but haven’t had the courage to tell you.

This is probably a way for them to tell you about their feelings indirectly. Perhaps they frequently mention your name to your common friends so that you notice them!

17. They send you cute texts

Cute texts are also a very romantic way of letting someone know that you have serious feelings for that person.

Therefore, if you keep getting “good morning” and “good night” texts from someone close to you, even when you don’t talk in real life, it’s a hint from them.

They want to keep in touch with you by keeping the conversation going, whether it is early in the morning or late at night! Sending frequent texts is also a way for the other person to know more about you and your daily routine.

18. They tell their friends everything about you

Have you faced a strange moment where a friend’s friend knows more about you than you’d expect them to? If the answer is yes, then it probably means that this common friend keeps gushing about you and what you do to them.

After all, this is a very common thing that people do when they have a major crush. We all want to tell the entire world how adorable our crush is, and your friend or acquaintance is doing just that!

19. They feel safe around you

One of the biggest achievements that you could ever have is to make others feel safe and comfortable around you. And this is especially true if a guy and a girl seem to be interested in you.

When someone hides their feelings for you, they will show it by being comfortable while sitting with you. They will let their guard down and be their true selves without worrying about how you would react.

20. They want to know about your social circle

Knowing a person well starts with knowing their friends and family. Someone interested in you will want to know more about the people closest to you.

For example, they would like to spend more time with your friends and family. This is because we all have taken traits and habits from our close circle, and understanding these people will give them an idea of who you are as a person.

21. They value your opinions

If this person isn’t sure of what to do, they will approach you before going to anyone else. They want to know what you think and whether you’ll approve of their actions.

This is an indirect way to impress you since you will be much more likely to value someone who listens to you.

22. They want to spend time alone with you

Sure, spending time with you and your friends might seem fun to them, but what they really want is for you to notice them. They wish to spend time alone with you and have meaningful conversations.

If you observe that there is one person in your friend circle who’s always looking for excuses to be alone with you, even if it’s for a minute, then it’s a major hint that they secretly like you.

Even though this alone time will come with physical boundaries, they still want to enjoy your company.

23. They show others that they like you

Even if you haven’t noticed it actively, other people around you might have already taken the hint. If it becomes really obvious to the point that your common friends, or even family members, keep teasing you both, you need to take the cue!

Or maybe, this person might have subtly mentioned it to your friends, and all of them are just conveying their message!

24. They want to take care of you

Care can come in many different forms. Maybe the person hiding their feelings from you wants to tell you, but they aren’t confident enough. So, they try to do different things that make you feel loved.

For example, they might bring you medicines or a warm bowl of soup when you’re ill. Or they might ask you to accompany them to a fun spa event for a little self-pampering.

Whatever it is, they will always want you to feel cared for.

25. They imitate you

It’s believed that when we spend a lot of time with someone, we adopt their mannerisms and behavior.

So, if a certain person wants to spend time with you, they’ll do things that you do and speak in the same manner. In fact, they might not even do it consciously!

26. They ask you unrelated questions

Imagine a situation where you’re hanging out with a close friend from work. Out of nowhere, they keep asking you about your opinions on their personal life, such as what hobbies they should pursue or which store would be great for shopping.

If you see that someone is waiting to check your reaction about unrelated topics, it can be a hint that they secretly harbor feelings for you.

27. They step up their game

Now, this will actually be a very clear sign about whether someone really has feelings for you or not.

If you’ve known them for a long time, you’ll know how they dress, talk, and behave. But lately, if you keep seeing that they’re making an extra effort to dress up and be more presentable, especially in front of you, then you need to take note.

They want to be the apple of your eye, so they’ll do sweet things like pulling up the chair when you arrive or ordering your favorite food.

28. They have a hidden romantic interest for you

Do you have a friend who first seemed to run away at the mere thought of romance but is now suddenly behaving like a dreamy teenager?

Well, it can surely indicate that they’ve caught feelings for someone. And if those feelings are reserved for you, then you will also notice that they behave extra-romantically whenever they’re around you. They might hum a soft tune or look at you dreamily!

29. They give you expensive gifts 

Gift-giving is a very popular way of letting someone know that you have a crush on them without actually telling them that.

All of us love receiving gifts, no matter how small or big they are, and if you keep getting small tokens of appreciation from someone constantly, then it is a clear sign that they’re into you!

30. They drunk-dial you

People say that when someone is drunk, they can’t help but keep thinking of the one person they love. And that’s absolutely true!

If your friend keeps drunk dialing you and says things that sound romantic, it’s their way of being vulnerable around you. This way, they want you to know how much you mean to them.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If someone particular has popped into your mind while you were reading this, it probably means that this person surely wants to go out on a date with you! So don’t hesitate any more and set up a romantic dinner for the two of you!