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How To Respect Your Wife? – 20 Unique And Loving Ways

How To Respect Your Wife? – 20 Unique And Loving Ways

Updated on Oct 04, 2023

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life & Relationship Coach

How To Respect Your Wife - 20 Unique And Loving Ways

You must learn how to respect your wife to make your marriage happy and fulfilling. As a husband, it’s your responsibility to make her feel cherished. And mutual respect is a major part of it. 

After all, without respect, there can be no trust, intimacy, or love. Plus, if you cannot respect your wife, you cannot expect your wife to respect you.

So, keep reading to unveil the secrets!

How To Respect Your Wife? – 20 Ways

Your wife is not just your better half. She makes you a better person. And now that you want to make her feel respected, you are already halfway there. Believe it or not, you’re a worthy man to keep and hold her for all of eternity. 

So, c’mon, let’s learn to treat her right here!

1. Don’t complain to third parties

What happens in a marriage should always stay within the confines of the marriage. If you complain about your wife to third parties, it is one of the worst ways to disrespect her. 

No matter how pissed you are at her or how much you want to vent, do not air the dirty laundry of your marriage out in the open. 

2. Celebrate her successes

This is one of the biggest ways to show respect for your wife. This shows her that you value her hard work and achievements. She feels that her successes are as important to you as your own. 

3. Always encourage her

When you encourage your wife to follow her dreams and goals, you show her that you respect and believe in her. 

Suppose you don’t agree with her latest business idea. Share your concerns but never shut her down. 

4. Know when to give her space

Everyone needs their own space from time to time so that they can unwind and get in touch with themselves. It’s the same for your wife. 

So, whether she needs the afternoon to catch up with her friends or to visit the spa, give her space. In that way, you’ll show her that you respect her individuality and build trust. 

5. Learn how to communicate openly and honestly

Open communication includes listening to the other person intently. When you’re willing to hear her out and understand her point of view about everything, you inherently show her that you respect her. 

6. Never raise your voice at her

If you shout and yell during fights, you add fuel to the fire. She feels disrespected and unloved. So, always communicate calmly, even when you’re angry. 

Take a time-out if you can’t control your emotions. You can only reach a solution when you hear each other out. 

7. Don’t fight with her in front of your kids or loved ones

During arguments, people often forget about their surroundings. But take extra care so you never fight with her in front of your kids or family members. 

Otherwise, it can hamper her authority and respect in their eyes and even lead to them treating her differently. So, always resolve your conflicts in private. 

8. Never hit her

Never raise your hands at your wife. Despite what she has done or how much she has hurt you, this is completely unacceptable. 

Hitting her doesn’t just disrespect her. It also ruins your marriage for good. 

9. Remember that she is more than just a wife

As a marriage progresses, husbands often forget that their wives are their own persons. Your wife has her own needs and desires, quirks and eccentricities, and unique humor. 

Don’t forget the things that made you fall in love in the first place. 

Remember that she is a person in her own right. Do not limit her to playing one role since she is much more than that.

10. Don’t cheat

Infidelity is undoubtedly disrespectful toward her and your marriage. So, if you respect your wife, don’t cheat on her. This stands true even when she has no way of finding out. 

Your marriage is like a holy promise: to commit to each other even when things are not rosy, and remain loyal. So, keep that promise. 

11. Don’t try to change who she is

One of the worst things you can do to her is try to change her. It shows her that you don’t actually love her. Rather, it makes her believe that she needs to change herself to gain your love. It can also affect her sense of self-worth. 

So, if you want to show your wife that you respect her, never try to change who she is. 

12. Consult her before making important decisions

Do you want to quit your job or get a pet? 

No matter how trivial the decision might be, if it affects your wife, you should consult her. 

In that way, you can reach a middle ground that works for both of you. Moreover, you show respect for the fact that you are sharing a life with her. 

13. Respect her boundaries

With boundaries, people tell others how they would like to be treated, what is acceptable to them, and what is not. 

So, respect your wife’s boundaries to build trust and tell her that you care about her emotional well-being. This way, you’ll show respect and give her a safe space. 

14. Make the effort to get along with her loved ones

No matter how committed your wife is, her friends and family will always be an important part of her life. So, she will obviously be hurt if you don’t see eye to eye with them. 

So, to show your wife how much you respect her, cultivate a strong relationship with her loved ones. 

15. Have her back

Marriage is not just about committing to and loving your partner unconditionally, it is also about being their teammate. 

So, when your wife is fighting her battles, even though you don’t have to fight them for her, have her back. 

If you don’t agree with everything she does, stay united when others are present, and always defend her. 

16. Never take her for granted

When was the last time you thanked your wife? 

Sometimes, all it takes is to say a little thank you to show your wife your gratitude and respect. 

So, the next time she does your laundry or cooks your favorite meal, tell her you appreciate it. And she will understand that her effort is not going unnoticed. 

17. Always keep your word

To respect your wife, you must respect the trust she has in you. If you make a promise to her, even when it is as small as being home on time, keep your promise. 

If you don’t keep your word, it will make her feel undervalued, decrease her trust in you, and feel disrespected. 

18. Accept that she may change as a person

It’s impossible for a person to stay the same for years. The beauty of marriage is that you get to love different versions of the same person. 

It can be hard to adjust when your partner changes, especially if those are significant. But remember that you promised to be there for them no matter what. So, embrace her despite every way she changes and grows as a person. 

19. Learn how to argue constructively

Disagreements are a part of every marriage, even healthy and happy ones. There is no manual you can follow to argue correctly, but you should always make your arguments constructive, not destructive

So, stop and take a breath to calm down when things get heated. Avoid playing the blame game, and find a solution that works for both of you. 

20. Do your share of household chores

Traditional husbands expect their wives to pick up after them and do all the household work. This is so they can go out and earn for the household. 

But to respect your wife, recognize that she has her own things to tend to. So, do your laundry, clean your room, and do the dishes every alternate day if you both have jobs. 

If she’s a homemaker, make sure you still do as much as you can. 

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Follow these religiously, and you’ll definitely make your woman feel the luckiest out there. 

But if you ever lose your calm and disrespect her minutely, remember not to beat yourself over it. Apologize for your mistakes, promise to be a better man, and live up to your words. 

And in her heart, she will understand your intentions, forgive mistakes, and your marriage will turn perfect in no time!

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