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How To Know If Your Married Ex Still Loves You? 15+ Subtle Signs 

How To Know If Your Married Ex Still Loves You? 15+ Subtle Signs 

Published on Nov 30, 2023

How To Know If Your Married Ex Still Loves You 15+ Subtle Signs 

Is the question “How to know if your married ex still loves you?” buzzing in your mind?

Perhaps, they’ve been dropping hints of attraction toward you left and right. Initially you even thought that you’re overthinking things. But you’re certain based on how frequently this happens!

In this situation, you’re bound to feel confused about your feelings and even feel sorry for the innocent spouse! Part of you wants to warn them about their spouse… but you’re still not sure.

If this sounds like your story, delve right in to decode the subtle signs of the truth!

How To Know If Your Married Ex Still Loves You? 17 Signs 

You witnessed your ex move forward, establish new relationships, become engaged, and ultimately marry someone else. It evoked a complex range of personal emotions.

However, you’re connected to your ex, either as a friend, a colleague or some other connection. And you have observed recent behaviors that suggest he might not have completely moved on. 

Are you wondering if they harbor romantic feelings for you or is it a fragment of your imagination?

Here are all the signs that indicate he may not have entirely let go of your relationship.

1. They Are Still Fond Of The Past

Does your ex constantly bring up shared memories? If yes, it indicates they haven’t completely moved on. Otherwise, they won’t dwell on the past. 

Despite being married, your ex continuously brings up past mistakes and unresolved issues with you. 

From discussing old problems to seeking solutions, they behave as if the relationship never concluded. 

Especially if they seem nostalgic, there are lingering emotions. This might be fueled by regret for mistakes in the relationship or a desire to relive old times. 

This persistent dialogue suggests they are not over you and are exploring the possibility of rekindling the connection. 

2. They Offer Drunken Confessions

Alcohol has a way of breaking down emotional barriers. If you’ve received intoxicated calls from your married ex, it’s a strong indicator that they still harbor feelings for you. 

In these moments of vulnerability, you become the focus of their thoughts. It reveals a desire for a different reality than his current one.

3. They Overemphasize Their Married Life

If your ex frequently discusses their married life with you, it may not necessarily indicate an obsession with their spouse. 

This behavior suggests that, on some level, they want you to be jealous and want them back. 

4. They Seek External Confirmation

Notice if they consult a psychic or relationship counselor for guidance on love-related matters. It emphasizes the complexity of emotions post-breakup. It shows they can’t decipher their own emotions and relationships.

5. They Find Random Reasons To Stay In Touch

If your ex consistently finds reasons to stay in touch despite being married, they’re struggling to sever romantic ties with you. They might have unresolved emotions towards you. 

6. You Coincidentally Meet Them, A Lot

Whether it’s grocery shopping on Mondays, the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or a church or reading group on Sundays, your ex keeps bumping into you. 

Despite your lives no longer being intertwined, it’s become a regular occurrence to see them at least once or a few times every week. 

It might be a coincidence initially. But after numerous accidental encounters, it’s apparent that they might be doing it intentionally. 

7. They Seem To Be Dissatisfied With Their Marriage

If they share the delicate issues within their marriage with you, that’s a breach of trust and intimacy

Moreover, the fact that they chose to confide in you, their ex, is particularly a grave sign. Deep inside, they still prioritize you over their spouse. 

8. They Discuss Affairs And Infidelity With You 

A content and faithful married individual always avoids discussions like affairs or cheating. 

If your ex shares these thoughts with you, they want you to know their marital discontent. They are indirectly suggesting a relationship with you behind their spouse!

9. They Frequently Inquire About You 

In committed relationships, particularly after a breakup, ex-partners ideally become less of a concern. 

Yet, if your ex avoids direct conversations but consistently seeks information about you through mutual friends, it indicates a lingering interest. 

They want to know about your life, whether you’re dating, pursuing a new job, or open to a new relationship. While they may not express it directly, they haven’t moved on.

10. They Stay Updated On Your Dating Life 

You’ve broken up ages ago and they’ve gotten married. But your ex still seems well-informed about your dating life. 

Whether through friends, social media stalking, or direct inquiries, they keep tabs on your romantic endeavors. 

While some curiosity is normal, an unusually keen interest in your dating life, especially after a significant time apart, signals deeper feelings or motives. 

11. They Compare You With Their Partners

Do they always compare you and their spouses?

They highlight shared qualities or subtly suggest you’re better. These comparisons may range from mannerisms to more intimate aspects. They complain about their marriage and uplift you. 

If they create a narrative that you are a better match for them than their partners, that’s another sign!

12. They Keep Indirect Contact Through Friends

Another potential indicator of lingering feelings is when your ex’s friends reach out to you. 

You may receive messages or calls inquiring about your well-being, happiness, or current life situation. 

13. Your Friends Observe The Difference

Your friends might be more attuned to your ex’s behavior than you are. Ask them to observe how your ex interacts with you compared to others, including their spouse. 

If your friends raise concerns or hint at something being amiss, it’s worth considering their observations. Acknowledge the possibility that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

14. They Are Jealous Of Your Current Partners

Do they show discomfort when you’re with potential dates? Or, while in group settings, do they visibly react when anyone flirts with you? 

They may warn your potential partners or give unsolicited advice on your love life. They may also stalk you on social media and try to tarnish your date’s reputation. 

Such reactions show their possessiveness toward you. 

15. They Do Not Like To Interact With You

Even though you and your ex-partner parted ways amicably, they still avoid you. You’re even on friendly terms with their spouse. But they actively steer clear of any interactions with you. 

They might change directions when walking towards you or intentionally avoid social gatherings you attend. 

Their effort to keep distance shows they’re fighting their feelings for you.

16. They Monitor Your Social Media 

If your ex-partner is following you on all social media platforms, it’s a potential sign that they haven’t fully moved on. 

This suggests a lingering interest in your life, including your current relationship status, emotional well-being, and overall post-breakup happiness. 

17. They Silently Communicate Through Body Language

Even if your ex doesn’t explicitly confess lingering feelings, their body language may tell a different story. 

From furtive glances to seemingly innocent touches, if there are such non-verbal cues, they reveal that you still have a significant impact on them. 

These subtle expressions often convey more than words and offer a deeper understanding of their emotions.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you notice these signs in your ex, remember to not engage in infidelity even if you have feelings for them. Don’t let your feelings turn you into a homewrecker.

Instead, talk to your ex about their intention. If they genuinely want to get back, ask them to come off clean and not hurt their spouse. 

But if they insist on meeting you behind their spouse’s back or say they’ll tell their spouse later, that’s a major red flag. Your ex can never make anyone happy!

This is your call, either start gathering evidence and show it to their spouse or sever ties with them entirely to avoid being responsible. Be true to yourself despite your choices!