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How To Increase Physical Intimacy In A Relationship? 25 Unique Ways

How To Increase Physical Intimacy In A Relationship? 25 Unique Ways

Published on Nov 10, 2023

How To Increase Physical Intimacy In A Relationship 25 Unique Ways

You need to learn how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship, especially if you want to boost the strength of your connection.

Physical intimacy is the electrifying spark that ignites passions and a profound expression of love. Thus, it helps you grow your connection in several unsaid ways.

But in the hustle and bustle of modern life, maintaining and enhancing physical intimacy can sometimes slip to the back burner. 

Trying to rekindle old flames and take your connection to new heights? Dive right in!

How To Increase Physical Intimacy In A Relationship? 25 Ways 

To enhance the physical closeness within your love, it’s essential to consider a few crucial factors. 

True intimacy encompasses trust, passion, and tenderness. These elements come together to form enduring connections, embodying the emotional and physical expressions of love.

So, to reignite your fading flame, let’s embark on this passionate quest to rekindle the magic and rediscover the profound joy of physical intimacy.

1. Cultivate Physical Intimacy Through Small Gestures

Physical closeness may be developed without making extravagant gestures. Begin with simple displays of affection, like gentle touches and unforced physical contact while talking. 

Start by placing your hand on your partner’s knee, stroking their arm, or tousling their hair. 

Please keep in mind that these actions don’t have to be strenuous; even a good discussion may foster closeness. 

2. Engage In Activities That Encourage Closeness

Activities that demand close physical contact can greatly improve your closeness. 

Swimming or riding a motorbike together fosters a sense of natural intimacy and familiarity with physical touch. 

Or merely sit near enough for your legs to touch. Although it seems insignificant, the action is a crucial step in developing a closer physical bond.

3. Embrace Cuddling For Bonding

Cuddle up while watching a movie or TV show. Regular snuggling, relaxing, and spending time together enhances physical intimacy. 

This type of closeness may be rekindled by just being conscious of it and making an effort to get close to your spouse while engaging in passive activities.

4. Hold Hands To Display Affection Publicly

Holding hands is a subtle yet effective way to show affection in public.

In most areas of the world, it is socially accepted. It enables couples to continue their physical connection without drawing unwanted attention. 

While not very intense, holding hands is a flexible and enduring approach to demonstrating love and connection in any circumstance.

5. Give Spontaneous And Meaningful Kisses

Another way is brief, unplanned kisses. It doesn’t always have to be passionate. Particularly in long-term partnerships, these unplanned displays of love throughout the day are essential for generating sexual tension. 

You may also heighten your physical chemistry and desire for one another by surprising your lover with a passionate kiss.

6. Be Playful And Tease Each Other 

To keep things lighthearted and friendly with your partner, playfully tease them and engage in physical activity. 

This may entail playful acts of love like tickling, light punches, or other comical shows of affection. All of this contributes to the relationship’s fun and lighthearted atmosphere. 

You may also strengthen your relationship with your spouse by sending amusing SMS or notes.

7. Exercise Together 

Regular exercise improves body image, physical intimacy, and sexual pleasure, which has a twofold benefit in a relationship. 

Even only 30 minutes a day of exercise can lower stress and enhance mental health. Couples who workout together tend to report being happier in their relationships, according to research

You can also add a hint of fun by playfully competing or just admiring one other’s commitment.

8. Approach Sexual Intimacy With Ease 

To increase your sexual and physical closeness, have a laid-back approach regarding sex. 

Recognize that having sex with your partner doesn’t have to be a showy act but rather a sincere connection. 

Instead of making it stressful, place a focus on making it joyful, restful, and rewarding. 

As intimacy should be a moment to bond and share with the person you care about, let go of any aspirations of perfection. 

9. Create A Romantic Atmosphere 

To promote closeness in your relationship, cultivate a romantic atmosphere. Make plans for a passionate date night to warm things up by spending time together before entering the bedroom. 

Arrange your bed with smooth linens, play seductive music at a low volume, and utilize scented candles for soft, appealing lighting and alluring fragrances.

10. Opt For A Sensual Massage For Your Partner 

Massage your lover sensually to show physical affection and create a private space for intimacy. 

Dim the lights and turn on some slow, sensuous music to set the mood. Get them to take off their clothes and lie on their stomach. Use your hands to feel your partner’s shoulders and back.

If you both want, take a warm bath or engage in some mild exercise, like taking a stroll. It will help you both unwind before getting a massage.

11. Openly Talk About Sex 

Open sexual communication is crucial for a satisfying intimate experience in any relationship. 

Express to your partner that you consider your sexual relationship a priority. Even if you’re bashful, discuss how you feel about sex. It’ll create a more relaxed environment. 

Being genuinely interested in your partner’s experience fosters emotional intimacy alongside the physical, enhancing your overall connection

12. Build Intimate Moments Beyond Sex

If you share a home, try your best to go to bed at the same hour every night. Even if sex isn’t the goal, sharing a bed affords the potential for physical closeness. 

In bed, read together or snuggle up. Intimate chats can also be had right before bed, fostering both emotional and physical closeness.

13. Try Out Foreplay

A crucial part of developing physical intimacy is foreplay. It entails more than simply physical contact; it’s about purposeful body investigation. 

By having foreplay, you may learn more about your partner’s preferences and ‘hot spots.’ This will help you better grasp what turns them on. 

This heightens the eventual sexual encounter, strengthening the emotional and physical bond between lovers.

14. Gradually Introduce New Ideas

Introduce new concepts gradually and cautiously while trying to spice up your physical relationship with your spouse. 

Discuss things you both appreciate. Look for ways to improve existing experiences rather than jumping into unfamiliar territory. 

Always put your partner’s comfort first and take care to keep them relaxed during the procedure. Instead of trying to make too many changes at once, take things slowly.

15. Diversify The Timing Of Intimacy

Physical closeness might become predictable if you do it around the same time. Having sex at various times of the day is a good way to rekindle the passion in your relationship

Provoke new feelings and enthusiasm by straying from the norm. Consider starting your intimacy in the morning after waking up, for instance, if it usually happens at night. 

16. Communicate Openly About Boundaries

Communication regarding limits must be open and clear if a physical connection is to remain healthy. 

Realize that establishing boundaries does not mean rejecting someone. Do not be afraid to voice your thoughts and let your partner know when you don’t want to try something. 

17. Sustain Sexual Curiosity

It’s crucial to understand that people’s preferences and interests might change over time. Be receptive to evolving desires and open to trying new things in the bedroom. 

Be interested and open-minded about trying new things and sharing your sexual preferences with your partner. Experiment with different positions and approaches to intimacy.

18. Prioritize Meaningful Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy should not be approached as a mere routine or obligation. It’s not just about pleasure but also about building a strong emotional connection and love. 

While various factors like work, children, stress, and exhaustion can affect intimacy, it’s essential to take it seriously. 

Implementing intimacy ideas can be helpful, but investing your mind and soul into the moment with your partner is crucial for a fulfilling, lasting connection.

19. Value Subtle Physical Affection

Physical intimacy does not always involve frequent, close-up kisses or a huge bear hug when you run into one another in public.

Small signs of intimacy, however, do not feel as uneasy or uncomfortable. 

These less obvious indications include playing footsie beneath the table and engaging in fun activities like wrestling or tickling.

20. Understand The Stages of Intimacy

Understanding the many phases of physical intimacy that partnerships inevitably go through is crucial for improving intimacy in your relationship. 

Even though every couple is different, all relationships go through different phases of love and intimacy. 

Your relationship will be stronger and more enjoyable if you develop emotional closeness outside of the bedroom.

21. Eliminate Distractions For Deeper Connection

While you are trying to be intimate with your partner, try not to get distracted. Otherwise, it comes out as humiliating and insulting.

Prioritize strong human connection while reducing distractions to improve romance. Turn off gadgets like televisions and phones when spending time with your companion. 

Increase emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship by having thoughtful talks and sharing.

22. Master The Art of Non-Sexual Touch

Non-sexual contact is essential for improving your sex life and fortifying your relationship’s emotional bonds. 

It’s crucial to extend physical intimacy outside of the bedroom. 

Make eye contact, hold hands, caress your spouse’s hair gently, and give your partner a back rub. All these can strengthen your emotional connection. 

23. Appreciate The Simplicity Of Togetherness

It’s not always necessary to engage in overt sexual activity to maintain a deep, intimate relationship. Simple yet significant activities can increase closeness in a relationship. 

These activities can help you connect more deeply. 

Whether it’s through nighttime walks, reading together, remembering your first date, expressing thanks for small acts of kindness, or preparing supper while listening to music.

24. Nurture Positive Relationship Habits

Give up bad relationship behaviors if you want to improve your physical closeness. Avoid power battles and confrontations. Instead, put your energy into encouraging sensitivity and candor with your relationship. 

While increasing physical intimacy, it is also essential to be respectful even during disagreements. These healthy behaviors will increase the level of sexual closeness in your relationship.

25. Consult A Relationship Counselor

Seek the help of a counselor or therapist if the emotional connection has deteriorated to the point where it appears irreparable. 

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with an expert in relationships or couples counseling to learn more about the problems affecting your sex life and to look into potential fixes.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Physical intimacy holds significant value in your love life. It has the potential to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your lover. 

To nurture and enhance physical intimacy with your partner, follow these recommendations consistently and from the bottom of your heart. Eventually, you will transform your relationship from a dull and stagnant state to a vibrant and fulfilling one.

So, give it your all and indulge in the magic of physical intimacy!