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50+ Foolproof Ways on How to Get a Boyfriend

50+ Foolproof Ways on How to Get a Boyfriend

Updated on Jan 15, 2024

Reviewed by Julianne Cantarella, MSW, LSW , Certified Relationship Coach

How To Get a Boyfriend - 50+ Foolproof Ways To Attract the Right Guy

Wondering how to get a boyfriend after several failed attempts?

Oh darling, who doesn’t want to rest on the pillow of tender arms after a long day… who doesn’t want to be proposed on knees?

But you know what, sometimes the traditional ways may not be enough.

I know you can’t wait to find your “the one” and I won’t let you. It’s time to meet him right away… with this think-piece.

Once you are through these 50 tips, rest assured that your singledom won’t stay longer.

So, what’s the wait worth? Let’s dive in!

How To Get a Boyfriend - 50+ Foolproof Ways To Attract the Right Guy
How To Get a Boyfriend – 50+ Foolproof Ways To Attract the Right Guy

How to Get a Boyfriend? – 50 Foolproof Tips

The foolproof ideas will not only help you find a boyfriend but will also boost your confidence and leave you with a smile…

How… Well, why don’t you find it yourself?

1. Meet new people to find your kind of guy

Weddings and social events are some really good opportunities to find a boyfriend.

Look for an event night where you can meet new people… free of cost. 😉

Remember, it is not necessary to pour money to find love, instead, find a company for yourself who can save you from the awkward loneliness… and explore at zero expense

Who knows if your Prince Charming is waiting to meet you!

Even if you are not someone who socializes, you can check out guys from a corner… this will help you at least identify your “type”.

2. Don’t save compliments

Compliments often strike a heart-warming conversation.

When you compliment someone, you naturally release some positive vibes, my girl!

Now, the question is, is the compliment hitting the right spot? Don’t scare them away with cheesy flatterings. A sensible and genuine compliment should be enough.

So go ahead, drop a compliment, and seize your day.

If not boyfriends, you’re sure to make friends in the process!

Girls are more about feelings and emotions; they are more in search of a good human than a successful man.

If art is your forte, then you must try your luck at least once in an art gallery. This is a great place to find a boyfriend with the depth of vision that you have been always looking for.

Arts and entertainment go hand in hand. So, it’s going to be fun anyway!

Art lets you discover someone’s heart, emotions, imaginations, farsightedness, true feelings, vision and the human side.

4. Avoid using phones

Girl, if you make your phone your world and start living on it, then it’s gonna be really difficult to find love.

You will miss the golden opportunities… So, keep your phone aside and look around to see if someone’s eyes are on you! Play your cards and win your man.

Come out from the digital world, if you want to give your real world a real chance. 

5. Take help from mutual friends

If you like someone and have some mutual friends, then without hesitating ask them to introduce you two.

That way, at least you will know each other and take one step after another.

Plus, a mutual friend circle is already a signal that the one you are looking for is your kind of guy. You can be double-sure about your compatibility and accordingly move ahead.

6. Find your love at the bookstore

If you’re a book lover, then you’re bound to find someone at your “favorite” zone.

So go to a library, make an excuse that you want to find a particular book on a specific topic, and ask them to help you out.

Take this opportunity and strike a conversation related to books.

Listen to every word they say with interest, people often tend to fall for such qualities. And wouldn’t that make an interesting love story for you too? Like, love in a library!

7. Go for movies!

Okay, if you already have “someone”, you need to do “something” to win their heart. Then, why not watch movies together?

Even if you’re going for movies alone, you would never feel lonely provided the story is worth the hours. Maybe, your prince is sitting next to you watching the same movie.

Strike a crisp conversation when you walk out of the movie hall and share your reviews… and of course, don’t forget to sneak-in a few compliments amidst the conversation.

8. Go for walks

As a girl myself, trust me, some of the most handsome men I have come across were in a park during a morning walk.

For example, if you have come to walk with a pet, you will find many single guys walking around with their pets. Infact, you may even find some of them ogling at you.

Go up to them and show interest in their pet. Gradually let your pets get introduced and that would pave the way for you to step closer to your handsome prince.

9. Ask for their social media handles

It’s very common to find cute and handsome strangers amidst public places. Be confident and ask them for their social media handles.

You are a girl, and you can have at least some perks and benefits of it. Allure the guy and get the job done!

And all you’re asking is for their social media handles, I mean I don’t see a big deal in it.

Because once you lose that person, if destiny doesn’t want to, you may lose them forever. So go up and grab the chance.

And if things have been predestined not to work, then they are not going to work anyway. So, no loss.

10. Try at the bars

While a bar is definitely not an elegant place such as an art gallery, or a library, it will expose you to the raw side of a person. So let Friday nights be more thrilling!

Most of the singles go to the bars and you can easily recognize them when they tend to linger around you.

However, make sure you can differentiate between a pervert and a decent person.

People may be nasty and drunk but if a few still spike your heart, then they are worth a chance, baby.

11. Ooze-out single vibes

Okay not everywhere, but if you are seriously interested in someone, show it with your gestures. This way, the singles around you will be sure and make attempts in wooing you.

Communicate that there is no one in your life at present… so that the man of your dreams can feel free to approach you.

12. Eat and hit at the Restaurant

If you have gone out at a restaurant and you find someone sitting alone right across your table, then please don’t ask the waiter to serve them a drink and make the payment.

The old trick may simply waste your time in the modern world.

Instead, you can take a seat near them, fake a call to a friend, and say that you are feeling lonely, or you have no one to join.

Wave the wand of your charm and drive them in.

If the guy across is genuinely interested and sees you in despair, he is certainly going to accompany you.

13. Join a club

There’s always something you want to do but can’t because of the workload. So, take out some free time to engage in your hobbies.

Joining a club will give you a few happy hours… and add more life to your days.

Join classes and centers where you find people with common passion. Regular interactions might serve as opportunities to find new people… and also a prince charming! 😉

14. Volunteer in some events

Volunteering is a social activity and when you sign-up for one, you may be entering with the thought to dedicate yourself to a service.

But apart from that, why not take this opportunity to meet and talk to new people… who knows someone might just get attracted to your nobility.

15. Keep a small circle

When you are always surrounded in a crowd, you are less likely to be noticed. Don’t be a part of a huge friend circle 24*7.

If there are just two people accompanying you to the party, you’ve higher chances of being noticed by your admirer…. Babe, it gives you the opportunity to be the moon among the stars.

That certainly does not mean that you are going to use people for your purpose. It’s all about socializing smartly.

16. Catch up with old friends

When you are all single and lonely in your life, nothing like meeting your old friends, especially a school-time crush.

Nothing happened then because maybe that wasn’t the right time. Now when you meet the guy, leave no stone unturned to bewitch them.  

School times were different, but as the time goes you tend to become more mature. So, why not try your luck with one of the old friends?

17. Throw a party

If you don’t want to step out and explore the world, then why don’t you invite the world to your place?

Throw a party and ask your friends to bring their friends and cousins too.

You are more likely to meet a guy and know them like a “prospect”. So, let’s see who catches your attention?

18. Hit the gym!

When you are investing so much time and effort to flaunt those sexy curves and slim body, why not grab another chance, honey?

Don’t you think the tall and handsome guy deserves someone as beautiful as you?

Gym is the most common place where people workout less and check out more. So, girls spot the “one” who’s in the constant urge to grab your attention. 😉

19. Say YES to Tours and Travels

If you are a travel-freak, then take this opportunity to find a match on the journey.

In case they love adventure like you, you can listen to their stories and tell them about yours.

Also, as a matter of fact, both of you will be spending so much time into the lap of nature with zero distractions.

Trust me, trips have been widely acclaimed as the best place to fall in love.

20. Try at career counseling centers

When you are at a place that exposes you with several career options, there are high chances of meeting people with similar interests.

Maybe there is someone who wants to fly across the countries, just like you. Share your plans, dreams and goals… if both of your eyes light up at the same thought, why not take this ahead?

21. Plan for group assignments

If you are a middle school or a college student, what can be more advantageous than group assignments?

I have seen some of the most romantic high school relationships blooming during group assignments.

Pair up with the person you like and impress them with your intellect. Group studies are less study and more fun… and of course, far better than attending school! 😉

Don’t invite too many friends to join in if it’s not really required. You don’t want unnecessary distractions and disturbances.

22. Hangout!

Don’t be a lazy ass who sits at home all day long.

When you hangout with friends and some friends of friends, you will naturally be open to several choices.

The frequency also matters here. I am not asking you to leave all your pending work and plan group dinners and Friday night outs. But a balanced frequency will leave you with fair chances to find the “one”.

23. Seek the contact indirectly

If you know someone, seek their contact number indirectly. It shouldn’t look like you are totally focused on obtaining their contact number, but at the same time you need to get the job done, right?

Maybe, they also want your contact but are hesitant to ask directly.

So, take a selfie with them and ask for their contact number, so that you can send them the pictures… and also meanwhile ask for the “contact”.

24. Meet at Work

Don’t be scared to approach someone who you like at your workplace. If you genuinely like them, and you have seen some positive cues from their side too, then catch the train before it’s too late.

There’s plenty of chances that you meet someone at your office where you spend the majority of your day. Lay your hands over the right person, and seize the day, my friend!

I know the companies have some norms, where you cannot mix your personal and professional life, but then who is asking you to do that? Let your love life grow outside the company campus.

25. Why miss Supermarkets?

Girls, probably you don’t know, but guys are mostly assigned with the job of supermarkets and grocery shopping…

Who knows if your love life takes the flight from the supermarket near you? If you have nowhere else to try your hands, then just be frequent to the supermarkets… I promise, you’ll find someone.

While grocery shopping, you may bump into someone hot and kind. Now awake the actor within you.

Pretend as if you need some help, let them help you, and share your contacts to thank them with a treat later! 😉

26. Don’t fear online dating

You can’t obviously go on talking to a stranger. So, what you do is, initiate a conversation stating that you find their work, art, writing or anything related to them interesting.

Say that you want to learn more about it… that way you can strike a conversation.

Dating apps are not that bad, after all.

I know you yourself might have come across some really creepy proposals on Facebook, but at least you are sensible and you can make things work in a wiser way, right?

27. Measure the probability

Once you have met your hot and charming sweetheart, it’s time to get on your toes with what to do next!

Learn the basic facts and instincts about the person you like. You’ll easily create a place in their heart.

For example, evaluate your differences. Are there too many differences between both of you? Would you be able to cover these and be in a healthy relationship?

Would you be able to satisfy their needs? If the answer is yes, then you are all set to ready… steady… and go!

28. Start with Friendship

Hitting straight with the heavy baggage of relationship status may not turn out to be fruitful. You have to be patient and start as friends.

The love that started with friendship thrives longer than the ones that straight jump to “I love you”. With each passing day, you both will know each other and build a strong foundation of the relationship.

The friendship phase is going to give you the time to overcome all the hesitation and help you establish a common ground.

Finally, a day will come when you will realize that no one can love you better than them.

29. Work on yourself

Well, it may sound that this is not the solution, but here’s the secret: all the solutions begin from here. If you can’t love yourself, you’ll never find someone who can do it for you.   

Eat healthy, exercise, meditate, and learn to love yourself more than any other person out there.

When you learn to prioritize yourself, the “right” person will naturally find its way to you.

30. It takes time

Good things come to those who wait.

Often, we are so hurried that we are more likely to fall into the wrong trap. It will leave you traumatized and disheartened, so it’s better that you take time before entering into any kind of commitment.

This is not a race, it’s about your personal life, a relationship, your emotions and most importantly YOU.  

A bad experience can leave you devastated and hesitant to give yourself a second chance.

31. Never commit for the sake of commitment

Yes, you heard it right, people willingly fall for any person they find attractive and that too because everyone around them is committed.

Tell me lady, do you really need to hook up for emotional support and physical satisfaction? Absolutely not!

I know you want someone who can flaunt you as “my girl!”. The air of love can leave you in a desperate state… but trust me you’re better single than being committed to a toxic person.

Never say yes to a person you hardly know… because you’re too fancied about love. Figure out if you are completely prepared to commit, and then make a final choice.

32. Be a girl!

Okay this may sound cheesy, but men are more expected to fall for someone they find more “girly”.

Like real men really can’t stop falling for real ladies.

Hey, that never means that you need to change your personality, but if you can make use of those girly tricks then why not?

They want to be the muscle man and the protective hand, both in one. They like the curves and graceful walk of a girl. If you’ve got all that, then why don’t you bait your trait?

33. Understand Men

Yes, men also want to be understood and cared for. They also have their own breakdowns and emotional warfare.

Men from childhood are taught to be tough, so most of them don’t know how to express their soft side. Thus, they suppress their feelings and try to act bold even in vulnerable situations.

If you understand this and comprehend their vulnerable side, you will be able to bring out the best in them.

And if you make them feel good about themselves, they are more likely to fall for you.

34. Stop being Judgemental

Stop judging people from their physical characteristics, the true treasure lies within a person.

If you are more judgemental, then you will miss chances of getting the best. You will be left with only a human who wants nothing but your body.

Never pass statements, you’ve no idea how a single wrong judgment can dishearten or discourage a person.

Even if you see them doing something wrong, there are so many positive and smooth ways to deal with the situation.

35. Listen to the vibes, darling!

It is not as difficult as it sounds, nothing is impossible in this world. All you have to do is to become more patient and wait to feel the connection.

Sometimes it may take a long time, but once it knocks at your door, it will be there for a lifetime.

The day you meet the right person, your heart, your intuition, and the whole universe is going to send you messages that this person is made to be in your life and make your life a beautiful dream come true.

Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t match your vibes or you don’t feel connected to.

36. Be 100% sure

Nobody is an Astrologer or a Palm reader. I know you cannot tell the future. But be hundred percent sure that the person you are approaching is gonna be a potential boyfriend.

Are they really worth your try? Will they be able to make you happy for a lifetime?

Answering these questions becomes important when you are planning something long term. You must observe their intentions closely.

But if you don’t want to indulge in a long-term relationship and you’re just looking at a fling, then make sure you don’t invest your emotions excessively in the process.

37. Be empathetic

Sympathy isn’t enough… it’s never enough.  

To win a man’s heart is a double challenge because first, they don’t talk about their challenges and second, they try to avert help. All this needs to be done by you, alone.

It may need some time and effort but try to find your man’s blind spots and help them come out of the darkness.

If you’re unable to present them with the solution, then at least try to be a constant comfort in the trying days.  

38. Show that you are trustworthy

First, let me tell you that you can’t build trust overnight, it takes time. Take one step after another and show them that all secrets that you both have shared will never see the light of the day. Tell them that you can be trusted with life.

Words have the power to melt a stone heart. Just the right words at the right time will be really helpful in building a lifelong trust.  

39. Be you

Yes, because there’s no one as precious as you.

Let the person love you for your real identity, not on the basis of something you created.

Be kind, humble, polite and most of all human. No need to act or fake for someone to notice you. If they really want you, they will notice the purity of your heart.

Even if you have flaws, then accept and try to improve on them. No one is perfect!

40. Be confident!

No matter what number of rejections you are dealing with, never let it drop down your confidence.

Proposals are like gambling. It’s not necessary that every time you win the prize money, sometimes you also lose.

So, what if you are not sexy enough to allure them with your looks, they might not drool on your sexy curves but they might fall for your beautiful nature. You never know what would make them approach you.

Whatever shortcomings you are experiencing, are totally justified honey. All that matters is pure intentions and a golden heart.

If you have a golden heart, my queen, the drones are soon going to bring along your prince charming!

41. Look attractive

I wouldn’t ask you to do much to attract a boy. But just keeping clean, smelling good and dressing in accordance with the event multiplies your chances to get a boyfriend.

Do you like to be with someone who has a bad body odor or does not dress aptly? Certainly not. The same is with men.

But you should also know how to create a balance. Don’t use too much of anything.

Let your natural curves, skin, and smile take his attention more than the lipstick and the eyeliner. And most importantly, feel comfortable.

42. Crack jokes!

If you have a good sense of humor, it will assure him of lifetime entertainment and fun.

Don’t you love being with men who have a great sense of humor? Of course, you do.

Even the men deserve women with a good sense of humor, someone who can make them laugh during the dark days. That just makes life so easy to live.

43. Make deep eye contact

Your eyes can reveal more than your tongue would ever be able to confess. Let your eyes meet theirs and maintain eye contact for as long as you can.

This way, you’re naturally going to share your feelings with your love interest. And it is always said that if you want to take a peep into someone’s heart then look into their eyes.

44. Be playful

Be a playful fish around your macho man.

Men easily fall for women who have got the skills to tease them. This makes you look more lively and joyful. It reveals your adventurous side to them and they feel comfortable.

Don’t irritate them while being playful, keep it a happy and fun activity.

45. Listen

Yes, men may talk less but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to speak, or they don’t want to be heard.

It’s just that they don’t find the optimum space and acceptance for being heard.

Plus, most times, their ego comes in between. Never interrupt when they are speaking. Let them complete before you talk.

Remember, effective communication is only possible when you both are making equal efforts.

46. Ask them out on a date

Yes, you heard that right. Ask him out on a date!

Prepare a fancy setup, order his favorite food, and ofcourse, send a beautiful invite – I promise, it will make him weak in the knees.

Don’t define rules for the date, let them breathe freely and be their natural self. Be in the moment, go with the flow, and who knows what the next morning has to bring?

47. Be clear about your goals

If you want a relationship just for the sake of it, then you will find enough options available before you.

But if you want someone to stay with you forever and love you unconditionally, then choose the right person.

But be clear about your goals right from the beginning. You may either want a casual relationship, or you want a long-term relationship.

The middling relationship takes you nowhere and leaves you with a messy heartbreak.

48. Be courageous and convey your feelings

Most of us wait for this to flow in its natural course. But sometimes, it may work against you.

So, if you have a crush on someone you’ve known for some time now, this is your cue to ask them out. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your feelings, it’s natural.

So, convey your heart but don’t expect anything in return. If your stars are aligned, then things will naturally fall into place.

If you are genuinely interested in someone, there is no wrong in acknowledging it. We are humans, we have emotions, and that’s what makes this life beautiful.

49. No one is perfect. Spare a chance.

Is it getting really hard to give a chance to a man who is not ready to adjust to your patterns? Not a problem.

I understand that it is important to find someone who can satisfy your needs, respect your opinions, and keep you happy.

But not giving someone a chance to step in your life is like asking your boyfriend to come in through closed doors.

At times, you need to spare some chances for imperfection. Not all people are perfect. Understand that you can never find a perfect man.

Either you will find someone who loves you truly and has some flaws that can be overlooked, or you will find someone who is perfect in your eyes but doesn’t love you. What matters is love. 

If they are ready to adjust and accept then why can’t you? You have to see that even if you both are different, you still respect each other’s differences and make an effort to improve it by the day.  

50. Stay hopeful

Girl, you will be loved and married by the most wonderful man on earth… I promise you. But till then, you need to keep trying.  

Do you think you have crossed the age to find a boyfriend? Did I not tell you that there is no right age? Infact, there’s just the right time when the magic is destined to happen.

Just because you couldn’t find a boyfriend in the first couple of tries doesn’t mean you are going to be lazy and sit at home, cursing your luck.

You have to be positive and hopeful about your future. Giving up is simply not a choice.

Even if you’ve recently turned forty, you will find someone who is half your age, if he is the one made for you. Stay hopeful and embrace every possibility.

I found a Boyfriend – what next?

Yayyy, finally!

First of all, I will take this moment to applaud your efforts… now that you have finally found someone who you think completes you.

Now as you’re progressing in this relationship, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

1. Build your base.

The first life advice to help you thrive in the relationship is never hurry for anything. You are at the initial stage of a relationship, and now you must invest all your efforts to build your base.

If you keep your foundations strong, nothing will ever be able to destroy it.

2. Spend time

Spend time with your partner, understand them, share your dreams and listen to theirs. Forget about the future for a while and only focus on your present.

3. Tackle the blows

Not everything will be smooth forever. There will be infinite arguments, innumerable fights, love, hate and what not. But, never let the ups and downs impact your relationship.  

As a couple, you’re bound to face different scenarios and you must thrive through it. Gradually, you will become so strong and integrated to each other that no obstacles will be able to create a rift.

But what if you don’t find a boyfriend?

I didn’t find a Boyfriend – What next?

Oh, girl, the world doesn’t end with a boyfriend.

Understand that a relationship is just a part of your life, it cannot be your life. Don’t let the relationship status impact your career or other relationships.

If you think that it is necessary for you to get a partner because everyone else has, then you are completely wrong.

You need someone for yourself, not for the show. So, you have to know what you want from a person and what you can deliver into this relationship. It always works both ways.

Wait for the right time and you will find the right person by your side… who will stay and love you with all its heart.

Remember one thing: never fall for someone too quickly. You don’t need someone to protect you or fight your battles, you need someone who motivates you to win your own battles.

If you understand this, then you’ll never settle for less.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

It’s true that for a relationship, you have to love each other. But what is also true is you have to know each other well.

It’s also about perspectives on certain things, having the ability to dig deeper, life decisions and future plans. All this takes lots of patience… and optimism.

You will meet hundreds of guys who will show you the dreamland, but only a few will actually commit to making it true.

So, practice all the above ways and keep your doors open for your prince charming. And above all, never underestimate the power of destiny.