Casual Dating:

Meaning, Benefits  and Risks

Reasons People Choose to Date Casually

You don't want to take the pressure of going into a committed relationship. You want to know what you like, so you don't want to commit. Maybe, you have just come out of a serious relationship, so you aren't looking forward to commitment and don't want to get emotionally attached.

Risks Involved in Casual Dating

Casual dating might be difficult if you have a deep emotional attachment to the person you're dating and they don't share your feelings.

What if  You Catch Serious Feelings?

If you’re catching serious feelings, communicate about it with your partner ASAP. It will save you from heartaches whether your partner returns your feelings or not.

It's VERY IMPORTANT to have honest and clear communication between two people before getting involved in a relationship.

Before you begin a new kind of relationship, know if you and your partner are alright with it. A simple “Are you okay dating casually?” doesn’t do your heart enough justice.