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25 Powerful Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman That Makes You Awesome

25 Powerful Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman That Makes You Awesome

Published on Dec 28, 2023

25 Powerful Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman That Makes You Awesome

Whether you’re struggling to find a date or befriend other people, you must look for signs you are an intimidating woman

Though your personality helps you succeed in your professional life, it sucks for your personal life. 

So, if you’re wondering why people stay away from you, let’s know here.

25 Signs You Are An Intimidating Woman

Some women try to build an intimidating persona. But others don’t even know it until someone points it out. If you’re the same, you’re probably wondering if it’s true. You might even feel a bit self-conscious about it.

But before you try to “fix” your personality, let’s learn how it truly looks…

1. You’re successful

This doesn’t imply that you have a successful business empire or are at the peak of your profession. Instead, it implies that when you set your eyes on something, you do everything to accomplish it. It doesn’t even have to be anything about your career. 

In fact, your streak of accomplishments makes others either jealous or motivated. If this rings a bell, you’re definitely a strong, intimidating woman!

2. You’re motivated

If you are a working professional or have high aims in life, this is an obvious sign of being intimidating. You will always be motivated to chase career success. 

You have a go-getter attitude. This pushes you to reach the heights of your academic and professional life. 

3. You’re not a people-pleasing person

Another sign of being intimidating is that you don’t worry about others getting offended by your ways. You don’t need their approval, and your own validation matters the most to you. 

If you can set strong boundaries despite how others perceive you, you intimidate people a lot.

4. You can easily chop people from your life

In life, not everyone is worth your time and generosity. So, when you find undeserving people, what do you do?

For instance, it can be a man who feels insecure about your strong goals. Or a man who can’t deal with your fierce personality and instead tries to suppress your strong suits.

If you can cut off those people, that’s another sign of being intimidating. You know that he isn’t worthy and too insecure. Instead, you only keep people who embrace your intimidating traits. 

5. Your standards are pretty high

If you’re an intimidating woman, an obvious sign is that you know exactly what you want in life. You will never settle for less. 

Moreover, when people can’t meet your expectations, they say you’re difficult or you can’t be satisfied with anything. 

But their bitter words don’t make you lower your standards. You know your own worth, and you’re open to working hard for it!

6. You’re straightforward and opinionated

This is the most common sign of being an intimidating woman. When you have something on your mind, you don’t beat around the bush. You share your honest opinions with others with carefully chosen words.

If anyone attacks your beliefs and decisions, you don’t stay quiet. Especially when you have faith in your choices, you stand up for yourself. You have great communication skills and never sugarcoat your words. Even if a conversation is difficult, you don’t avoid it. 

7. You’re independent

Society tells you that every woman needs a man/partner to rely on and be fulfilled. However, if you despise such narratives and even live your life to prove them wrong in every instance, you’re intimidating. 

You are happy on your own. If you need anything, you rely on your own skills. 

8. You like to follow your own rules

If you like to lead life on your own terms, that also indicates you’re intimidating to others. You go against the usual norms for women. You carve your own path and stand out from the crowd. 

This helps you become successful, but orthodox people around you can’t stand you. They look down on you for being different. But nothing demotivates you from walking on this path.

9. You can persevere

Probably, you weren’t born with this trait. However, you faced your fair share of hardships and learned to persist even in the face of difficulties. 

If you are an intimidating woman, you’ve learned a lot from struggles. Through your painful experiences, you’ve grown stronger and numb to little inconveniences. 

People feel intimidated by you because they can’t be as strong as you in such situations. 

10. You’re born to be a leader

If everyone looks up to you and you always take the lead when things go haywire, you’re intimidating to many. This is because you are the perfect leader. Sometimes, you’re a better leader than most male contenders for the same position. 

You’re focused, assertive, and driven. You know how to work out the toughest situations. Everyone knows you always have unique solutions to problems. 

11. You’re always ready to compete

A marvelous sign of being an intimidating woman is that you always partake in competitions and grab challenges. These excite you from within because they give you the opportunity to prove yourself and claim your top position. 

While others may think about it, you always step forward to seal the deal. 

12. You’re smart

If you’re both book-smart and street-smart, you intimidate others. You’re well-versed in politics, your professional field, and your passions. 

Your high intellect helps you step out of your comfort zone. You’re ready to learn new things, and you can grasp foreign concepts easily. 

Of course, you’ve made mistakes, but that’s how you learned to excel at everything.

13. You can take care of yourself 

If you’re self-sufficient, you may also come off as an intimidating woman to others. For instance, you can pay your own bills, whether on dates or for your materialistic desires. You can earn and save enough to have four square meals and a shelter. 

You learn self-defense so you don’t have to rely on men to protect you. You also don’t wait for a man to remind you to take care of your physical or mental health.

14. Your style is unique

Being an intimidating woman doesn’t just imply you’re perfect intellectually, professionally, or academically. So, another sign is that you know how to dress sophisticated even without following trends. 

You have a unique taste and style, and you set the trends. You don’t blindly follow others’ style just because it suits them. You also won’t change your style just because others don’t like it.

15. You can spot toxic people easily 

This is one of the coolest signs of being an intimidating woman. You know pretty well which person is a cheater, liar, backstabber, or plain toxic from their body language or first impression. You even call out people on their toxicity and get rid of them in no time.

16. You’re confident 

Everyone feels low at times – you’re no different. However, most people seek external validation to feel good about themselves in these circumstances.

If you never ask others to make you feel strong or beautiful and solely rely on your inner self, that’s another great sign of your intimidating personality. 

It’s not that nothing can break you down. Rather, you feel low but also nurture yourself until you’re the strongest version of yourself.

17. You never pretend to be someone else 

If you’re intimidating, you know your worth. So, you will never feel ashamed of your qualities. You won’t hide your true self just because society labels you as shameless or unwomanly.

You always wear your personality like a badge of honor. You know only a few are as lucky to have such a strong presence, and you take pride in having it!

18. People act nervous around you 

Notice how most people act around you. Do they seem self-conscious or nervous? 

If yes, that shows that your radiating confidence and power make you stand out. They aren’t afraid of you, but they can understand that you’re not to be trifled with. 

It shows they perceive you as an intimidating woman. 

19. The room focuses on you when you enter 

When you enter a room, how do people react to you? 

If they focus on their own business and ignore you, that’s not a positive sign. But if you’re an intimidating woman, they’ll stop their work to look at you! 

This might be because you ooze with power and confidence, or you just look that good. Your presence commands respect and attention without words. 

20. Your sense of humor is top-notch 

Often, people assume that intimidating women take themselves too seriously. However, that’s far from the truth. 

Instead, an intimidating trait is that you can laugh at your own mistakes and show off your sporty spirit despite every setback. 

Your ability to come up with witty remarks, whether the other person offends you or you’re in the wrong, baffles and puts others in their place! 

21. You have strong morals 

A notable sign of being an intimidating woman is that you are strict about your morals and ethics. You can’t stand injustice and never stand anything against your morals. 

If in your power, you always speak out against the wrong. You never compromise with your ethical values. So, people who don’t have similar principles feel intimidated by you.

22. People say you’re intimidating 

This is the most obvious sign on the list. Friends, family, and even close coworkers might say you’re intimidating. 

These people know you up close and have a good idea about your personality. So, if they say so, that’s right!

23. Others stay away from you 

If you often notice people – strangers and acquaintances – don’t stand too near you, that’s another sign of your being intimidating. 

They will try to avoid engaging in conversations with you or being close enough where you might approach them. This is because they feel you might judge their different standards, or they may feel inferior when you showcase your abilities. 

24. You make eye contact, but people don’t 

You’re a confident woman if you never fear making eye contact with people. However, if people avoid your eye contact, that shows you’re intimidating to them. 

For instance, during one-on-one conversations, people look away from your eyes out of respect or fear. This shows that your presence makes them feel submissive. 

25. You never hesitate to think out of the box

If there’s a problem and conventional methods don’t help, how do you deal with it? If you don’t hesitate to take calculated risks, you’re one hell of an intimidating woman. 

Contrary to people’s beliefs, you don’t do it because you want the attention. You just want to get the work done and don’t mind if you have to get your hands dirty.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

If you just realize that you’re intimidating and men avoid you because of your aura, don’t rush to change. You’re wonderful, bossy, and know how to be respected. This makes you a complete boss lady, so don’t worry about changing!

Just know that the right people – friends or a lover – will come around with time. Until then, be proud of yourself!