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15 Sick Signs Of Dishonesty In A Relationship & How To Deal With It

15 Sick Signs Of Dishonesty In A Relationship & How To Deal With It

Published on Oct 20, 2023

15 Sick Signs Of Dishonesty In A Relationship & How To Deal With It

Lately, if your partner is acting suspiciously, you need to look for signs of dishonesty in a relationship.

In love, dishonesty is emotionally and mentally draining. It makes you lose faith in innocent affection and boundless trust. 

Once you realize that you’re being lied to, no amount of apology makes things right. Not only do you start doubting your partner even more but the relationship also starts to crumble. 

But it’s not right to accuse your partner of dishonesty without evidence. So, let’s confirm the truth here…

15 Signs Of Dishonesty In A Relationship

Deception is one of the most painful betrayals in love. Of course, if your partner just said a white lie to protect you, that’s not an issue. 

However, if they lie about minute everyday things even without a good reason or hide major things, that’s when things take a worse turn. So, let’s figure it out here…

1. They avoid you

If your partner knows that you’re good at sniffing out the truth, they’ll do everything possible to avoid you. They’ll go to bed after you have fallen asleep and wake up before you do. 

Try to notice if there has been any major change in their daily schedule, especially when they are indoors.

2. They behave differently

One of the clearest signs that your partner is being dishonest with you is when you see a distinct change in their behavior. 

They look more distressed and might even become fidgety. They will try to avoid looking directly at you, most probably because they are stressed out about being caught.

3. Their story changes

Another big sign that your partner is lying to you is when their story changes. If you think that they’re lying to you, take mental notes of the important details in their story. 

Later on, try to bring up the topic again and see if their story changes. If there is a considerable shift in these details, it indicates that they are not being truthful.

4. They make nervous pauses in the story

When someone is lying to you and they’re not a good liar, they will pause in between. 

This usually happens because they make up stories on the spot and need time to rethink. 

While pausing in a conversation is perfectly normal, watch out for nervous pauses in your partner.

5. Their social media posts say otherwise

In today’s world, it’s pretty easy to figure out whether or not someone is lying to you. Social media posts have become a gateway where people can check where their partners are. 

For example, they have told you they’ll be in one place. But their Snapchat live location shows another place. You know something’s wrong.

6. They hide their phone

Pay attention to how they handle their phones, especially when you are around them. If they are lying, they will try their best to hide their phone from you, no matter where they are. 

Even if your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to the washroom or grabbing a snack with the phone gripped tightly, it’s time for you to be careful.

7. They tell you that they have never lied

Has your partner been telling you things like, “I swear, babe, I’ve never lied to you”? If your answer is yes, then it’s actually a red flag. 

All of us have told a few white lies here and there. But if your partner refuses to own it up, they might be hiding something much more serious. 

8. They change the subject

When you’re having a tough conversation, try to switch the subject and check your partner’s reaction. 

If they were being truthful, they would steer the topic back and solve the matter with you. 

However, if they have been lying, they’ll look visibly relieved and even join in on the conversation.

9. They lean away from you

Believe it or not, body language can tell you a whole lot of things about what’s going on in the other person’s mind. 

If your partner is being dishonest, they will unconsciously lean away from you. They might also fidget with something or constantly look away, unable to meet your gaze.

10. They accuse you instead

This is a favorite tactic of manipulative partners who are caught lying. When they find themselves in a tough spot, they’ll accuse their partner of being overly sensitive. 

If your partner also does that, it’s a way for them to get rid of their guilt. They will try to accuse you of lying, cheating on them, or even stealing things.

11. You get to know things from someone else

Don’t believe everyone who tells you that your partner is a liar. But if your closest friends or family members tell you that something’s up with your significant other, it’s best to believe them. 

After all, they are only looking out for you and might have caught your partner doing something wrong.

12. The truth slips out in between

These are often referred to as Freudian slips. When someone is lying, they might accidentally give out a few details about the truth and then tell you that they misspoke. 

For example, your partner might tell you things like, “No, I was honestly in the restaurant with a friend- sorry, I meant just a colleague, she isn’t my friend.”

13. They are unusually tight-lipped

If your partner is generally an open book, but lately, they have been unusually quiet about their whereabouts, it’s a sign of concern. 

Try asking them where they have been or what they have been doing. If their replies are irritated or if they say, “That’s none of your business!” it can mean that they are lying.

14. They ramble on

Again, a person rambling on about their story might not always mean that they are lying. But liars tend to keep adding irrelevant points just to make their story seem more genuine. 

They might also repeat certain phrases over and over again, such as, “I’m not lying!” or “I didn’t cheat on you!”.

15. Your gut feeling tells you something is wrong

Whenever you’re in doubt, always trust your gut feeling. It will tell you a lot more than what meets the eye. 

Even if you’re not able to directly point out that your partner is lying, their behavior will give it away. 

And your intuition will always catch on to these small details before you truly realize it.

Now, if you notice any of these signs in your partner, you must be worried about your next step. Well, keep scrolling through the answers. 

How To Deal With Dishonesty In A Relationship? 

Dealing with dishonesty is difficult. Some people give their partners a second chance. Others are intolerant and break things off ASAP. 

However, you can handle things more methodically with the below tips.

1. Be upfront with them

Remember, the best way to deal with dishonesty in a relationship is to be as direct as possible. If you beat around the bush like your partner, things will go nowhere. And your partner will only get another chance to break your heart.

2. Let white lies go

It’s very important to understand the difference between white lies and major mistakes. If your partner tells you a harmless lie to avoid hurting you, such as “No babe, you look lovely in that dress!” let it go.

3. Understand their perspective

If you know that your significant other is generally a truthful person but they ended up lying about something major, don’t immediately jump to conclusions. Try to understand their perspective and ask them why they lied.

4. Confront them with evidence

If the right sort of evidence is shown to them, liars stop denying their mistakes. If you do have such evidence, tell your partner that you have every reason to disbelieve them. Then, show them the evidence and tell them you’ve caught them.

5. Have realistic expectations 

When you have just started to date, you’d expect your partner to share everything with you. 

However, that’s not a very realistic expectation. Your partner might wish to have their own world outside of the relationship, which you’ll have to respect.

Don’t be offended or perceive it as dishonesty if they want some space.

A word from ThePleasantRelationship

Remember, if your partner shows any signs of dishonesty, don’t charge them for cheating or lying. Communicate clearly to resolve situations. Follow the above steps to give your relationship another chance. 

If their actions have caused a lasting impact on your well-being, seek help. Lastly, if your partner doesn’t change their ways, reassess your relationship. After all, you deserve way better!