Unrealistic Beliefs We Are Taught About Love & Relationships

You should meet someone beautiful inside and out with no flaws.

Everyone has flaws. We're pushed to pursue this tickbox of traits & forget that we are all imperfect beings.

You will just 'know' when you meet your person.

The spark can grow. Feelings can build & the spark isn't always a good indicator of compatibility.

There is one person for everyone.

This is a very romanticized view of relationships. You can multiple loving relationships or one. It doesn't make either more or less important.

Sex should be amazing forevermore.

You have to actively keep the passion alive. Sex doesn't stay like it is in the honeymoon period forever. It's normal to have lulls.

There shouldn't be any conflict in a good relationship.

It's actually more of a concern to have no conflict because it usually means people are self-sacrificing and not expressing their wants & needs.

It will be easy if you are meant to be.

There will be challenges in any relationship regardless of how well-suited you are. It's the nature of being human, we're all different.

We shouldn't have to change to make each other happy for the relationship to work.

We all have behaviors & traits we learned growing up we might need to work on to improve our relationships.

Your partner should be able to tend to all their own needs and know how to tend to yours.

When it comes to our partner, we need to teach them how to love & support us.

You can't be friends or maintain a relationship with a former partner.

If you had a healthy relationship why can't those foundations become a good friendship?