If Your Partner Says Any of These Phrases Then It's Best To Break Up

"I am not ready to settle down yet"

If you are not looking for something casual then it's better to leave them when they say this to you.

"I am not sure about you"

If they are not sure about you now, it is unlikely they will be sure about you later

"I don't see a future with you."

They are not interested to be with you long-term. May be they are in search of someone else already...

"I need more time."

 If you have been seeing each other for quite some time now then they don't see you in their future.

"I am not done dating." I still want to see what's out there."

They don't value you and are not interested in you.

"I Still Love My Ex"

Your partner needs to heal their wounds from their previous relationship or else they will cause both you and themselves unhappiness