How to Uncover Karmic Relationship Patterns?

Karmic relationships are based on past life connections. They appear in your life to teach you an important life lesson. It might be painful but plays a significant role in your spiritual journey.

Your life has a theme that plays out right from the beginning, this is known as a karmic theme.

Step 1: There’s a karmic theme. Identify it.

Step 2: Write down all relationship patterns

Just pull out a paper and write all that your heart has ever been put through all this while.

Step 3: Think what’s stopping you

The easiest way to do that is to identify the phase of your relationship where you start blaming others or even yourself for that matter.

Step 4: Change your perspective

Everything depends on your perspective. Stop looking at one person like they are a culprit, instead perceive them as your teachers. Teachers of your soul.

Step 5: Analyse the list (from the soul!)

Now, take a moment to review closely all that you have written. You are looking at all your karmic patterns, themes, and karmic lessons.

Believe that your journey with your karmic partner is going to be a karmic lesson for a lifetime.

Try to be kind with your heart and take your heartbreaks positively!