Signs He's Too Immature For You

When you try to explain why you're hurt, he gets defensive

Instead of trying to understand what bothers you, he acts narcissistic and gets pissed at you.

He's always complaining about everything.

He always fails to see the good parts in anything that he has in his possession.

He sweeps problems under the rug.

No proper functioning adult wants to just sweep problems under a rug in the hopes that they eventually go away.

He's allergic to apologies.

Real men know whenever it's the appropriate time to swallow their pride and apologize. Immature men act as if they've never committed anything wrong in their entire life.

He breaks his promises.

Real grown-up men keep their promises. Plain and simple.

He doesn't treat you right.

A relationship should be fun, loving, and affectionate. If he always manages to mess things up for you, then he's not really that mature.