Types of Men You Should Never Fall in Love With

The Mama's Boy

Reasons you shouldn't date a mama's boy: – He'll compare you to her – His mom has the final     word – You'll be competing for his    affection

The Non-Committal Guy

Believe the non-committal guy when he says that he isn't ready to commit. If you are dating one dump him because waiting around will not change his decision.

The Player

A player is someone who doesn't want a serious relationship with you. They just like to play with your emotions and with multiple women. If you want something serious-Drop him!

The Narcissist

You may think he is single but he is not! He is already in a relationship with himself. He doesn't have the time and patience to deal with your needs and issues.

The Cheater

You wouldn’t take a job with a CEO that has a history of embezzlement, so why date a man that has a history of being dishonest?