Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship

You Feel Drained

Talking to them or thinking about the relationship makes you feel drained. Think about the last time you felt happy and at peace...

Use of the following type of hostile communication between partners:

- Yelling & Name-calling

- Throwing & breaking stuff

- Using one's body for physical   intimidation

Presence of Hostile Communication

Lack of Trust

A partner is someone you can rely on and to whom you can show your vulnerable side. If you lack trust and aren't able to do these things then you are in a toxic relationship.

Controlling Behavior

Some controlling behavior to look out for are :

– Threatening loss of something – Telling you what's right – Needing to know everything you do    and who you're with

Frequent Lying

When a partner lies to you, it signals they don't respect you as a mutual partner who deserves honesty and care.

All take, No give

If you are the one who is doing everything in the relationship then it's a big red flag. When you find yourself saying 'yes' to them frequently and saying ' no' to your own needs.