Psychological Facts About Love And Relationships That’ll Blow Your Mind

Most women are attracted to men who possess a strong sense of humor as it indicates higher intelligence and honesty.

When lovers gaze into each others' eyes, their heart rates synchronize as well.

Men who cheat on their partners have lower IQs.

When an individual is dumped, it can often result in frustration attraction. This 'attraction' makes the one who was dumped love & lust the other person even more.

Men in their early 20s feel more emotional pain after a break up than women.

Women's tears have been biologically proven to reduce testosterone levels and arousal in men.

After 34 minutes of conversation, a woman already knows if there is a potential of having a long-term relationship with the man or not.

Cuddling triggers the same amount of neurological reactions as painkillers.

If you look into a stranger's eyes, you can actually fall in love.