Lessons Every Woman Should Learn About Love

For Men Sex is Not Equivalent to Love

Sex and love is different for a man. A man might not fall in love with you after getting intimate.

If he is not contacting you he is not interested in dating you

We all have gone through that feeling of anxiously waiting for a text from someone we like and justifying ourselves when we don't receive any.

Not every man who knows how to talk to you is worth your attention.

Don’t believe sweet-talkers. Choose to be deaf for his words instead of blind for his actions.

Leave If You Are the Only person Giving And Putting in the Effort

If you give and give, and give… and give, but nothing’s been given from the other side – you should stop giving and leave.

A toxic relationship isn’t a broken relationship – it’s just toxic. That’s all.

You’ve got the right to want to be loved, and you’ve got the right to leave a relationship that doesn’t make you feel the way you want to feel.